Block 316: The rainbow painted block that made me want to find them all

Rainbow Block in Hougang

This rainbow painted mural is located at Block 316, Hougang Avenue 5, just two blocks from where I’ve stayed all my life. Up till now I’ve never thought much about it, but as I began exploring different neighbourhoods, I realise that there are hardly any blocks with such distinct and colourful murals painted on them left in Singapore.

While Jurong East used to have a famous cupid mural that was visible on the train ride towards Joo Koon, I’ve struggled to find many other places that had such murals, often asking myself if they were painted for purely display purposes, or if there was some hidden meanings behind them.

Given the richly-dull condos and BTOs now sprouting across the island, I do feel a need to find and document any remaining HDB blocks with such distinctly painted murals. So if anyone has any info on where such blocks remain do comment here, i would really appreciate it!

So far I’ve only visibly seen a mural on Block 838 beside Khatib MRT.


  1. Accidental Web 2.0 ProfessionalSunny

    Sadly, this has given way to condos 😦

  2. Daryl

    These flats are still intact. The condo location used to be the row of factories.

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