Bamboo pole laundry living


You can tell many surprising things just by looking at the laundry of different households

If there’s one thing that distinguishes the older HDB flats from the newly built BTOs and condominiums, it is the colourful display of freshly washed clothes and undergraments on bamboo poles or tek-koh’s that Singaporeans have adapted to for high-rise laundry living.

You can tell a lot about a family from the clothes they hang out to dry. From the visibility of traditional costumes, to the number of designer wears, these bamboo poles that are very lightweight but durable, have become a key extension to any HDB flat, helping us take advantage of the lack of laundry space as well as our tropical climate that makes drying clothes a breeze on a hot and sunny day

I would like to think that it takes both skill and courage to attempt this daily household chore, knowing that many injuries from killer laundry litter as well as unfortunate fatalities have resulted from this.

While numerous innovations have been made to help prevent such accidents, perhaps a more obvious measure can be seen in the disappearance of the presence of these poles in new housing estates be it BTOs or condominiums.

So is it a tek koh or no for you?

Sometimes the parallel lines formed by laundry can be rather fascinating

Sometimes the parallel lines formed by laundry can be rather fascinating


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