Pandan Valley Condominium

Located off Ulu Pandan Road, the 81,000 square meter site of Pandan Valley Condominium is a beautiful suburban oasis that has been home to over 600 families since it was constructed in 1977.

Designed by Tan Cheng Siong, Pandan Valley is one of Singapore’s first private condominiums, and can be best described as a modern suburbia, with its carefully crafted features merging seamlessly with the hilly terrain that dominates its surroundings.

Pandan Valley Condo
In what is perhaps more suited to the coastal cliffs along the Mediterranean. The beautiful steeped terrace houses are an architectural highlight of Pandan Valley Condominium that greets visitors and residents alike on a daily basis
Pandan Valley Condominium 2

A wider view of the stepped terraces of Pandan Valley from its opposing block.

Perhaps the most unique of these features are the green stepped terraces that were built to compliment the hilly slopes instead of simply razing into them. Each house is symmetrically aligned and connected with the other via open-to-sky staircases, and comes complete with a balcony that is perhaps larger than some of the modern shoebox condominiums we are getting used to.

Pandan Valley Condo 3

The open-to-sky staircases that connect each of the steeped terrace house is undoubtedly a unique design of shared corridor space for residents

Pandan Vallery Condominium 4

Another view of the wonderful symmetry of the stepped terraces, one that would make any Wes Anderson fan proud

Not to be outdone, the high-rise blocks hold their own with large expanse corridors made of mason brick walls on one side, and symmetrical parapet that seems to present the resident’s view like that of a film.

Pandan Valley Condominium 5

The wide open corridors are aligned by mason brick walls on one side, and a spectacular view of its surroundings on the other.

Pandan Valley Condominium 6

The parapets along the corridor provide a film-like perspective


Though they look like your average HDB flat, the corner units of these blocks are home to vast patios the size of a standard 3-room flat in Singapore.

Deemed a modern suburbia ahead of its time, Pandan Valley has more than just your regular condominium facilities of a pool and function rooms. Provision shops, tuition centres and even a vet are just some of other amenities seen here, something that was a common sight in many of the older condominiums built in the 70s and 80s in Singapore.

Now into its 40th year, it remains to be seen if the architectural importance and overall serenity of Pandan Valley Condominium will be able to prevent it from an inevitable en-bloc scenario in the near future.

Pandan Valley Condo 8

Before the non-functional high-rise void decks of modern condominiums, Pandan Valley had it all figured out.

Pandan Valley Condo 9

A couple of supermarkets, tuition centres, and even a vet are just some of the ammenities that go beyond one’s idea of provisions at a condominium.

Pandan Valley Condo 10

Sunset at Pandan Valley, complete with the lush mature vegetation around it

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