Changi Village & Beach Park – Photos to Remember

Anyone who has ever been to Changi Village and Beach will gladly attest to the charm and tranquility that exudes from the both the people and the place.

Sure, it actually can get pretty crowded from time to time, what with the foodies, people heading to Ubin, or those having a break at the Civil Service clubs. Yet somehow, everyone seems really happy and content being around the area of Changi Village. Growing up, I headed to Ubin at least twice a year to visit a family friend, and the bumboat rides are always great ways to detach yourself from the city.

For my wife and I, heading there is also a reminder of the loss of our loved ones. In just three years, we had chartered a boat out to conduct two sea burials, one for her beloved mum just last year, and the other for her stepdad two years before that. While looking out into the ocean undeniably brings back many memories, the what if’s and why’s, it also somehow provides a sense of calm as you watch life pass by you, and will always hold a special place for the both of us.

Changi Beach ParkChangi Beach Park 2Changi Beach Park 3Changi Beach Park 4Changi Beach Park 5Bumboats at Changi BeachCat at Changi VillageChangi VillageChangi Village Chendol2020_0307_20243800


  1. Drew

    I lived in Singapore 1978-1993. Changi Village, Changi Sailing Club and Pulau Ubin are the only reasons to return to Singapore. I hope it never changes.

  2. adi chik

    Born in 1963, used to go to this beach often! Went fishing with friends and siblings too by the beach! What a wonderful memories! Migrated to Malaysia in 1994 and since then never ever visited…missed Changi Village and the beach so much!

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