A return to Upper Seletar Reservoir

It’s been about 7 1/2 years since i last posted about my visit to Upper Seletar Reservoir. Since then, having moved nearer to the locale has provided me with an impetus to explore the space, along with the other reservoirs and spaces that surround the Central Catchment area, through two of favourite hobbies of photography and running.

Earlier this year, I finally treated myself to a new camera, and have since thoroughly enjoyed using the Fujifilm X-100F. While more of a ‘street photography’ camera, I do enjoy the challenge and different perspective provided by the 3:2 frame, and am throughly in love with the different modes available that helps switch between vivid and chromatic options.


When I finally got down to training for my first full marathon last year , I had to find longer, more scenic routes to clock training distances between 10 – 25km. Thankfully, living closer (5 to 7km) to Upper Seletar Reservoir, Lower Seletar Reservoir, Upper Peirce Reservoir and Lower Peirce Reservoir meant that these places became regular running routes which I’ve since grown to fall in love with.

Nestled between our beloved rainforest and encapsulating vast bodies of water, these locations are often great for early morning or evening runs, where you get to enjoy the morning or evening dew and really appreciate nature at its finest.

While each reservoir has its own appeal, I particularly enjoy the serenity of Upper Seletar Reservoir. Being probably the most remote of the four, you often have more than ample space to kickback and enjoy the unobstructed panoramic views.

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